5 thoughts on “Proposal for an "RSS Algebra"”

  1. Actually, I think all you need is merge and split. What he calls Splice (union) is merge. What he calls Intersecting is a split. What he calls Subtracting is also a split. What he calls Splitting is two splits. If we’re gonna make an ‘RSS Algebra’ we can consider merge and split primitives and work upwards from there.
    Both merge and split produce a single output feed. That’s why his ‘Splitting’ is two splits. At this level, it’s just a list, whether of RSS items or any other type of set. All merge and split primitives produce a single output. A copy can be either a merge or split (merge this list with no others or split this list into a list containing all the same elements).
    Now, above this primitive layer we could introduce a multitude of operations, but all would be built on successive mergings and splittings.

  2. I suppose you could call it splice and split but merge and split would reduce the amount of airborne spittle.

  3. I should, but my problem is that I find everything about blogging to be utterly fascinating, except actually writing.
    But with the new year and such it’s time to get serious.

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