Just saw Primer

Ok, just got back from seeing Primer — a very cool new indie sci-fi flick that you probably haven’t heard about yet, but will. If you liked the film, Pi, or you like your sci-fi with a double shot of science, then you are going to LOVE Primer. There are several things about this film worth noting. First of all it is definitely the most authentically “techie” film I’ve ever seen. It definitely captures what it’s really like to be a hard-core garage-geek working on the next big thing. Some people are going to hate the fact that there is so much physics jargon — but if you have at least enough background in the frontiers of science you are going to like it. The film itself has an interesting story. The director also wrote the script and acts in it — and it’s his first film — done on a budget of just $7000!!! But he’s managed to make a really cool flick with a definite “feel” to it. The first half of the film is just awesome — the writing is good, the pacing is excellent and it really gets you interested in what they are discovering. Then when they start using the machine it gets even cooler but also very hard to follow. I have to admit I’m still puzzled about what happens in the second half of the film. I’m hoping someone out there will put together a cheat-sheet — let me know if you’ve found one that’s any good — so far the discussion on the Primer website doesn’t really solve it (don’t read that until after you’ve seen the film though). That said, even though I am still puzzled, I enjoyed it. Finally someone is making good sci-fi again. Go see it.