Neurons and Universes

This is a cool pair of images showing a striking similarity between the structure of neurons and that of our universe. I’ve often wondered whether the entire universe isn’t some kind of a mind or a brain in which we are like subatomic particles.


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2 Responses to Neurons and Universes

  1. jiqiwa says:

    Reminds me the ending of the Men In Black movie(not sure it was I or II).The camera kept zooming out until we could see our universe was just a golf ball some God(or creature) was playing. This scence was cut from the DVD release though, didn’t know why. Religion sensitivity?

  2. jiqiwa says:

    the description of the 2nd picture says it shows “thousands of stars, galaxies and dark matter (web)” — seems like the dark matter is not evenly distributed, I wonder how they calculated and simulated the dark matter. “Cosmos” said the space of the Universe is like many soap bubbles, all galaxies stay on the walls of these bubbles, none inside. With this dark matter in the picture, is that still true?