Warning: Graphic. Horrible News Coming out of North Korea…

I read today with disgust further testimonials of shocking atrocities from defectors from the Gulags in North Korea. If you aren’t aware of the situation, you should be. Perhaps more than any other nation today, North Korea is engaged in systematic, large-scale human rights abuses — in particular, as the above cited news report alleges — chemical weapons experiments on living prisoners, including experiments on entire families. The only word to describe this is “evil.” This regime’s utter lack of humanity really frightens me — it appears they are experiencing a mass-psychosis on a cultural level. How did it happen? Why did the world let things go so far off course in North Korea? It reminds me of the Killing Fields. How can this happen in this supposedly “civilized” day and age? The horrors taking place in North Korea are widely known among governments but almost never discussed as a public issue. I feel so sad for the people living in the living hell of these concentration camps. I think we need to raise awareness of what is going on by blogging about it. In some small way that may eventually make this issue more of a public debate.

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