An RSS Feed Tool I Would Like

March 9th, 2004

It would be cool if there was a way to automatically make and serve an RSS feed from my daily IE history — this feed would be a running stream of every URL I look at every day. It would be generated by a little floating utility on my desktop. The utility would allow me to turn URL streaming on and off — so that if I don’t want some URL to go into my feed I can stop that from happening. It might also enable me to add some commentary to each URL in the feed. You people out there in the Metaweb could then subscribe to my feed and see all the interesting stuff I looked at today. It would be even cooler if we all had something like this — and each of us could view what any of us was viewing. And hey, while we’re at it, why not have some compound feeds that are created by merging feeds from various people — how about a feed that is the set of all URLs looked at today by all my closest friends — where the rank of a URL in the feed is the number of times it was looked surfed to today by people in that group (i.e. the popularity of that URL). Cool huh?