Google Launches gMail

Google has announced the beta of their new search-based free hosted e-mail service, called gmail. They will provide 1 gigabyte of free storage to every user, with built-in indexing and search. Wow.

2 thoughts on “Google Launches gMail”

  1. Gmail, la posta di Google

    Sempre che non sia un pesce d’aprile arrivato in anticipo, visto che la notizia e’ di ieri, Google e’ in fase GMail, il nuovo servizio di Free e-mai” href=”…

  2. The problem that Radar Networks is trying to solve
    will put Google out of business; I am going on record here that Google will be dead and erased from our drams by 2009.
    See Ponzi, Robert Vesco, collapse of East India Company/South Sea bubble, Marc Rich et al. Perhaps Cuba will be a suitable place for Serge or maybe even Elba?
    The basic enthusiam over Google is a direct function of Narciss PR, too much caffeine and the lack of suitable S-1 filings. Unfortunately, its a sign to all of us in the IT world that things are still pretty miserable.
    I would be for replacing Mssr. Schmidt with Charlie Chan and a little humility.

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