This Just In: The Race for Magnetic Power

I just received the following internal release from a company that starts alternative energy companies (Magnetic Power, Inc., which I am an investor in). MPI has a number of interesting alternative energy devices under development. My investment was in their superconducting project (ROOTS) — which focuses on room temperature superconducing polymers. But anyway, the article below is about research on magnetic motors — specifically it is news about one of their competitors, Perendev Power, who are now rumored to have a working magnetic motor nearing production. I am not an investor in Perendev Power. Please note that I am not endorsing Perendev Power by posting this — in fact I would caution any investor to be extremely careful when investing in the fringes of alternative energy R&D. I am blogging this release here with permission from MPI. The purpose is to point out that magnetic motor technology seems to be getting ready for “prime time.” Is it perpetual motion? No, it is not based on any violation of the Second Law — it is instead an extremely clever use of magnets to make amazingly efficient motors.

Magnetic Power Inc. – MPI

A fuel-free magnetic motor is invented in South Africa

Michael J. Brady, head of Perendev Power Developments Pty. (Ltd.), a South African firm, after 5 years of experimentation, claims to have developed a 20 Kw magnetic motor driven generator set, requiring no input of any kind. Continental European and Russian market rights have recently been licensed to an undisclosed German firm.

Brady states that a prototype was delivered to Germany in March, and is now undergoing safety tests of the type performed in the U.S. by Underwriter’s Laboratories. Production is slated to begin within 60 days. According to Brady, no external power is required to start the motor, and tests indicate no reduction of magnet strength. Brady alleges that one prototype has run for two months.

Brady’s website is Perendev Power. The site includes a recent rotating prototype, as well as computer simulations of the device.

Magnetic Power Inc. has been following Brady’s work with interest, since similar fuel-free, magnetic devices, are under development in our laboratories. However, unlike Brady’s heavier prototype, several of MPI’s generators are lighter and more compact, having no moving parts, thus more easily adaptable to power homes and vehicles.

While in the past, Brady’s posted production schedule has been overly optimistic, if his current test results are correct, he has proven a principle, and made a major contribution to solving the world’s energy problems with a fuel-free, renewable, alternative.

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