Video Explains Semantic Web + A Comment

November 15th, 2004

Ben Hammersly has come out with a video of his talk explaining the Semantic Web for beginners. It’s a great resource to explain what the Semantic Web is all about for people who are new to the subject or simply interested in the underlying technology of RDF, the concept of triples, etc. It is also unique because Ben’s video appears in the upper left corner of his presentation, synched to his slides — now that is really cool! What a great idea!

Now my reaction to this presentation is that Ben makes many good points, but he says the only remaining big problems of the Semantic Web are "getting people to make data" and the "user-interface" for search and what he calls "compound queries" — what I call "semantic queries" (and what have been called "multifaceted navigation" by library scientists for a long-time). However, I think there is another unsolved problem — one that is equally important to adoption of the Semantic Web, what I call "The Ontology Problem." See my next post for more on this…