Get the Wikipedia to Make a Web 3.0 Page

Editor’s NOTE, February 27, 2007: I guess this post must have helped. The Wikipedia has reinstated a page about Web 3.0 and hopefully it will improve over time. Thanks if you helped argue the case.

Someone at Wikipedia has repeatedly deleted the Web 3.0 page and locked it — they’ve done this despite the fact that there are 905,000 results in Google for "Web 3.0" and dozens of major newspaper articles on the subject all around the world, not to mention (hundreds or thousands?) of blog posts listed in Technorati on the term. Whoever is doing this claims that Web 3.0 is not defined and/or is synonymous with "Semantic Web" for which there is already a node in the Wikipedia. I disagree on several counts:

  1. Web 3.0 is defined in many places. My definition may be the most practical and objective proposal: define "Web 3.0" is as the
    third-decade (ie. third-generation) of the Web (2010 – 2020) — and
    likewise Web 2.0 would be the second decade, etc. This is more rational
    and objective even than the current way of defining Web 2.0. I’ve
    defined this more extensively here.
  2. Web 2.0 is not a more "defined term" in fact, there are many more differing definitions of that term than Web 3.0 in fact, yet there IS a node in Wikipedia for that term!.
  3. Web 3.0 is broader than just the Semantic Web (although the Semantic Web is one key enabler of it) — thus it DOES deserve it’s own Wikipedia node apart from the Semantic Web node; It is not equivalent to Semantic Web. I think Web 3.0 is an upgrade of the backend of the Web and several technologies will play a part in that.

If you are working on
the Semantic Web or other emerging Web content and data technologies
that go beyond Web 2.0 AJAX front-end innovation, then please post into this discussion to express why this term should exist in Wikipedia.

We are on the cusp of Web 3.0 — the third-generation Web — and many companies such as my own Radar Networks, are working on key pieces of the puzzle. If you or your organization are working in this area, please help by chiming in on this wikipedia node so we can overcome the very unfortunate bias that is obviously being imposed there presently.

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