Who are the Clickers?

I have a question. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’ve almost never clicked on a Web banner ad or sidebar ad in the nearly 10 years that Web ads have been around. A short informal poll of my friends yields similar answers. Nobody I know clicks on Web ads. Never. Ever. Now maybe my sample is skewed because my friends are..well..my friends. But even so, I’ve even got ads running on my own damn blog and I’ve never looked at them or clicked on them. In fact, I don’t even SEE Web ads anymore. My brain literally tunes them out. Like dirty dishes. Does yours? So who IS clicking all those ads? Google and Overture are making gigabucks, but how? This is one of those unexplained mysteries of the Twilight Zone of the Web. Where are the actual clicks coming from? Who are the Clickers? Has anyone actually witnessed someone click on a Web ad? It’s kinda OO-EEEE-OO, isn’t it? We’re all building businesses that rely on clickstreams but we don’t actually know anyone who clicks. I wonder if it’s some obscure, unexpected, demographic?