Do You Want a Link to Your Blog from Minding The Planet?

Hello readers! I am trying a little experiment to see who is reading
this blog. Anyone who posts a link in their blog to the permalink of
this blog entry will get a reciprocal link back to their blog from
within the body of this blog entry. I’ll search periodically for sites
that link to this entry, and when I find new ones, I’ll add links back
to them from this entry.

Why am I doing this? I’d like to form a network of reciprocal links with the blogs of my readers.

well as a way of saying "thank you" to my readers, this will also help
me understand who is reading my blog, and will also enable my readers
to discover each others’ blogs. And it’s a way for my readers to give
me feedback about what they want to see more (or less) of on my blog:
just put your comments for me in your post and I’ll see them when I
find your post.

Please note that this is NOT a chain letter, or anything like that — This is just an easier way to manage the process of forming reciprocal link relationships with my readers. It’s 1-to-1: You link to me and I link to you. In fact, it seems to be the only effective way to build a blogroll of my readership since just searching for sites that have linked to me in the past doesn’t necessarily find lurkers who read but haven’t linked explicitly. I want to see the blogs of my readers — and I want my readers to know about each other’s blogs. It would be cool if there was a more automated way of doing this (trackbacks are one way, in theory at least, but they don’t always seem to work consistently  for everyone).

[Also: I do reserve the right to not link back to blogs with content
that I don’t endorse (such as adult content, junk advertising and spam,
etc.). It will probably take at least several days before I start
adding the first links here, so be patient. I have to wait for your
links to get indexed in Technorati so that I can find them (and make
sure you have added your blog to Technorati so that they and I find
your post)]

Of the pages that Technorati reports are linking to me, here are the sites that have linked directly to this article so far:

1. Philosophy, et cetera (Good idea: replicating this concept on your own blog)
2. Notes from a Mind
3. Silverstripe Blog
4. Mediatope (Thanks for the feedback)
5. Lost Boy (a semantic web guy!)
6. The Burden of Proof
7. Kiss the Sun and Walk on Air (thanks for the suggestion: I’ve now made my RSS feed full-text)
8. Diarizing
9. Agylen
10. The Unreasonable Man (I enjoy reading this blog)
11. Elements of Life
12. randomselections
13. Semantic Bits (Hi Ina!)
14. Anarchaia
15. flying aqua badger
16. 1000 Flowers Bloom
17. Myke’s Weblog
18. Near Walden  (I used to swim at Walden Pond as a child)
19. Numerabile (Ciao, Italia!)
20. Better Communication Results (Hi Lee!)
21. (nice to meet you!)
22. Stacy Sez (Thanks for the positive review, Stacy)
23. infOpinions?::Public Relations
24 The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese
25. Valentin’s Blog
26. Double Loop
27. Graffiti Neuronal
28. Corportate Blogging
29. Greek Complexity
30. Alex Rarus
31. double loop
32. Opposable Mind
33. Linguify
34. Consciousness Cafe
35. Transformation Economy