Just Saw A Great Film

Today I saw The Motorcycle Diaries. This film is perhaps one of most beautiful, vivid, and emotionally powerful works of art to ever grace the silver screen. I knew nothing about this film before today — it was a whim, at the suggestion of a very special person. I have seen hundreds of films — and just about every significant foreign and independent film in the past several decades. This film is truly perfection in motion. It’s a must-see.

Disclaimer: In case anyone takes issue with this film, or my review of it, let me just say that I personally know nothing about the life of Che Guevara, and the film does not delve into his politics or his later life as a revolutionary — which I do not endorse or agree with. The film is really not very poltical in fact — it is simply a great film about a road trip, the struggle to survive, and the strength of compassion. The cinematography, acting, writing, casting, direction and editing are amazing: That’s why I like this film. It is a masterpiece of the medium. The film stands on its own as a great work of art and should be seen for what it is.