New Fad – Parkour – Coming Soon to a Street Near You

All you consumer marketers out there — there’s a new fad in the tradition of breakdancing and skateboarding that’s going to be big called Parkour. Parkour is gaining traction around the world and will soon become mainstream. It involves death-defying acrobatic stunts on the street, parts of buildings, and various landmarks. Here are some videos and there’s more at Urban Freeflow.

5 thoughts on “New Fad – Parkour – Coming Soon to a Street Near You”

  1. i think its wiked but i cant get the hang ov it
    and im a bit nervy about big jumps i think i need to take a leaf out of morphioss book and FREE MY MIND

  2. “New Fad – Parkour – Coming Soon to a Street Near You”
    Well, the guy writing that news article doesnt know what hes talking about. This is what gives Parkour a bad name, calling it a FAD or getting consumer marketers ready.
    There maybe new and upcoming parkour clothing, or toys or whatever but it wont take away the fact that all you need to do parkour, is a good pair of shoes and a outdoor, urban enviroment. But, we all know that by 2008 Parkour will be like any other thing, with stupid toys, rules and regulations.
    I just hope people like whoever wrote this article can see parkour for what it really is. A way of life, NOT a FAD.

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