Steak in Red Wine Reduction

I just improvised tonight and made
something pretty yummy that you might want to try sometime.

Take a cut of really good

Make a marinade with a half bottle of
red wine, chili spices (chili, cumin, oregano, onion powder, mesquite), copious amounts of rosemary, garlic flakes or cut garlic slices, a little bit of cayenne, and a little
salt. I used a bottle of Cabernet Franc from the fridge that I opened a week ago and didn’t finish; not drinkable anymore but a perfect marinade base.

Puncture the steak many times on both sides, using a fork to make a lot of holes to
help soak up the marinade deeper into the steak.

Marinade the steak for half an hour to an hour, or longer if you have time.

Put a little olive oil in frying pan and dump a bunch of rosemary, garlic, chili spices (cumin, pepper, oregano, mesquite flavor if you have any), and a pinch of cayenne, into the oil. Then heat the spices and oil for a few minutes to get the pan hot.

Next put the steak into the pan and grill, with the pan partially
covered, for 2 minutes on each side.

Next, pour all of the remaining marinade into the pan with the steak. It should be about a half a centimeter deep in the pan.

Keep cooking, partially covered to keep the moisture in, on 3/4 of full heat.

The marinade boils off while the steak cooks, until it creates a really thick and delicious red wine reduction, full of rosemary and other spices. 

Once almost all the water in the marinade has boiled off and the reduction gets really thick, slide the steak around in the reduction sauce to soak it all up, and use a spatula to gather the reduction and coat the steak with it until the steak is coated with the reduction and spices. The outside of the meat should appear very dark plum colored due to the wine reduction coating and sticking to the surface of the steak. There also should also be lots of rosemary and garlic pieces embedded in the reduction.

Keep cooking the steak until slightly blackened in the red wine reduction, but still medium rare on the inside.

Eat while still hot.

Mmm. Delicious. The red wine permeates deeply into the steak and the seared reduction coating gives the outside a delicious punch of flavor that really pops out. You’ll also notice that the steak is extremely moist and full of red wine and rosemary and mesquite nuances because it was cooked in the marinade.