Water and Life on Mars: Growing Evidence

This informative article discusses the growing evidence for liquid water on Mars. It seems that the Mars Rover team is doing everything it can to avoid making any claims until they are 100% certain. Because if there is water that means there could be life too.

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3 Responses to Water and Life on Mars: Growing Evidence

  1. sal says:

    I just came acroos your site and read some of your interests, I share many. I don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but there is a new film out I think you’ll appreciate, “What the $#@! do we know?”

  2. sal says:

    sorry, bad url. use this one.

  3. Denny says:

    If there is life on Mars…I’ve never been able to understand why determining that is so important to the people on Earth. On the one hand, big deal…what can we do with that knowledge? On the other hand, very big deal…some of that life gets transmitted to Earth somehow and we have the mother of all plagues. It is an unparalleled (ungodly expensive) playing field for human curiosity, but other than that, I honestly don’t get it.