Part of the Lore…

I was goofing around in Google Groups today, looking up ancient conversations I had in USENET in the long gone days of the 1990’s and I came across a quote of mine which is “I don’t care how many levels of reality you posit, as soon as you posit even one, it’s turtles all the way down!” from this hilarious old newsgroup alt.buddha.short.fat.guy which is one of the places where renegade freakazoid crazy-wisdom Buddhists used to hang out (and still do?). Anyway that led me to read their old FAQ — which is one of the funnier things on the Net — truly hilarious quotes from members of the group. But you probably won’t get some of the jokes unless you have a lot of background in eastern philosophy and history. Anyway, if you happen to be a freak like me, you will probably now surf this link and actually read the FAQ and spend the next hour laughing.

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