A New Kind of Employee Benefit: "Sock Options" — No that is not a typo

Well I have a peculiar and hilarious situation…

I ordered some black tube socks online from Macy’s the other day.

Unfortunately I neglected to notice that they don’t come in pairs, they come in packs of 6 pairs. Oooops. Because you see I ordered 10 of what I though were pairs.

So in fact, I just received a box of60 pairs of black tube socks.

I guess on the positive side, with60 pairs of socks, I would only have to do laundry a few times in a year….But unfortunately I don’t have 60 pairs of everything else. So that’s not an option.

So what can I do with all these socks?

These socks were not so expensive,so returning them by mail is more of a drag that it’s worth tome.

Therefore… what I’ve decided to do is offer an innovative, and truly compelling,  employee benefit to the folks at Radar Networks — I am issuing everyone in the company a pro rata pair of socks. Peter Royal suggested we call this “Sock Options.”

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