A Passenger's Bill of Rights — Sign me Up!

Where do I sign up to support this initiative? A group of exasperated US airline passengers who were stuck on the tarmac for 10 hours last month have come up with a proposal for a bill to establish a Passenger’s Bill of Rights, which would include the following provisions:

Establishing procedures for airlines to return passengers to a terminal gate after three hours on the tarmac.

Requiring airlines to respond to complaints within 24 hours and resolve them within two weeks.

Forcing airlines to publish a list of chronically delayed flights online.

Compensation for bumped passengers or passengers whose flights are
delayed by more than 12 hours at 150 percent of the ticket price.

Compensation for passengers whose baggage is lost or mishandled.

Creation of a Passenger Review Committee made up of nonairline consumers to review and investigate complaints.

Having been in situations like this myself I can attest to the fact that something has to be done about this. Last summer I was stuck on the tarmac in Texas in 120 degree heat. The plane’s air conditioner was turned off because they wanted to conserve fuel, so inside the plane it was probably 130 degrees. To top that off nobody could get up, and the crew had to remain seated as well so they couldn’t even bring people water. This lasted for 2 hours. I was almost passing out — I can only imagine what it must have been like for children, the elderly or people with medical conditions. Airlines treat passengers only a little better than baggage, and that is not saying much! Something needs to be done about this and I’m glad an initiative is forming to take action. Count me in!

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