Aina Gerner-Mathisen Temporary Home Page

This article is actually a Web page that I have created to help my good friend Aina Gerner-Mathisen dig out from a major identity-theft problem she recently experienced. It seems that some evil comment-spammer has posted spam comments onto a number of weblogs in her name. Now these comments appear higher in Google search results than legitimate pages about/by Aina.

Aina is a leading journalist and writer in Norway. She is a good person. She doesn’t deserve to be victimized like that and it pisses me off. Please join me in rescuing her identity from the comment spammers and returning it to her. She’s worth it!

Until Aina gets a home page, this article’s permalink (below), will serve as her “legitimate URL” on the Net. Please link from your blogs and sites to the URL of this blog posting to help me rescue Aina. By doing this you will help me to increase her Google standing for this page versus the nasty comment-spams which currently are obscuring her good reputation. Please note that you should link to the permalink for this page (below), or the URL for this article if you are viewing it via a newsreader — not to the home page for my weblog (because it will help Aina most efficiently if we all link to the page about her).

When Aina gives me some URLs about her and perhaps starts a homepage or blog, I will put that information here as a way to redirect traffic to her legitimate addresses.

(Also, in case there is any doubt as to why I am doing this, yes Aina is a 100% real person — this is not a ploy on my part to get better Google ratings — my Google rank is good enough already. You can verify that she is real if you care to — she and I both attended Oberlin College. Her byline also appears on several published press releases for European PR companies. Her poetry is published too.)

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2 Responses to Aina Gerner-Mathisen Temporary Home Page

  1. Damsel in Distress

    I always hate to hear about times when evil threatens to overwhelm good. But apparently, Aina, a friend of Nova’s, has had her identity taken by comment spammers! So by linking to that page, we help give her back a legit net identity. Take that you spa…

  2. Robin hoodand his merry men.

    Well…here’s an interesting paradox. Here is someone claiming that their friend, a person named Aina Gerner-Mathiesen has been the subject of blog spam Google identity theft. What the hell is this you ask? Well, basically it’s the idea that by post…