Congratulations to Adam Cheyer and

My friend and colleague, Adam Cheyer, from SRI, recently helped to advise and launch — a social network for nonprofit activism. It’s a great site for a great cause. It’s also a great example of a special-purpose social network — a useful social network. Congratulations to Adam and the team over there! Read the TechCrunch review here.

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One Response to Congratulations to Adam Cheyer and

  1. acheyer says:

    Thanks for the plug, Nova! Of course, I think is a pretty important project, so I encourage everyone to take par and find a way to make the world better (at or elsewhere).
    I also want to add that the real driving force behind Change is an amazing Stanford grad named Ben Rattray, and the guy who built most of what you see is Mark Dimas. They should get most of the props. The rest of the team is incredible too…
    Finally, although the current version is mostly “straight-forward” web goodness and the power comes from the idea, I think this is going to be a forum where soon AI techniques like enhanced recommendation engines and semantically-enabled, socially-created “dynamic knowledge repositories” can really help a the community begin to solve world problems, not just talk about them.
    – Adam