The Honor of a Lifetime!

This made my day: I’ve been selected as one of the "sexiest men in IT" by a panel of judges including a tech blogger and her daughter. FINALLY someone is objectifying me!!! Usually everyone just likes the real me, the brains, the inner beauty, the person I am etc. But to be honest, what I always really wanted was to just be called hot and objectified dammit! And so winning this esteemed title was quite a cathartic moment. Thank you judges — both of you — who voted for me, it is an honor that I will treasure always.

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6 Responses to The Honor of a Lifetime!

  1. Perry Mizota says:

    Congrats, Nova, but now that you have reached the top of the mountain, what’s left???

  2. Yihong Ding says:

    Congratulation, Nova! 😉

  3. zeb hodge says:

    It’s good to see someone recognizing what really matters about you, Nova.

  4. It was our honor and privilege to bestow this great honor upon you.

  5. Women love astronauts. ‘Ya know, on closer examination, you look a lot like Sam Shepard. How about Nova “Chuck” Spivack? 😉

  6. Prateek says:

    Way to go :).