Vote for My Panels & Twine at SXSWi 2010

The panel picker for SXSWi went live this morning, and Twine has propsed several submissions. Browsing through the huge list of proposals (over 2200), it’s clear that the Semantic Web will be popular topic at this year’s conference.

With “Beyond Algorithms: Search and the Semantic Web,” we are planning to offer both an overview of the current state of the technology, as well as a careful look at what needs to be
addressed for semantic search to finally reach its potential.… Read More “Vote for My Panels & Twine at SXSWi 2010”

Welcome to the Stream – Next Phase of the Web

May 8, 2009

Welcome to The Stream

The Internet began evolving many decades before the Web emerged. And while today many people think of the Internet and the Web as one and the same, in fact they are different. The Web lives on top of the Internet’s infrastructure much like software and documents live on top of an operating system on a computer.… Read More “Welcome to the Stream – Next Phase of the Web”

Can We Design Better Communities?

(DRAFT 2. A Work-In-Progress)

The Problem: Our Communities are Failing

I’ve been thinking about community lately. There is a great need for a new and better model for communities in the world today.

Our present communites are not working and most are breaking down or stagnating.… Read More “Can We Design Better Communities?”

Twine is Now Integrated with Twitter

We’ve integrated Twine and Twitter so you can “tweet what you twine” — it’s surprisingly easy and cool. Try it!

Can Twitter Survive What is About to Happen to It?

I am worried about Twitter. I love it the way it is today. But it’s about to change big time, and I wonder whether it can survive the transition.

Twitter is still relatively small in terms of users, and most of the content is still being added by people.… Read More “Can Twitter Survive What is About to Happen to It?”

Web is 20 Years Old – Web 3.0 – Third Decade of Web, Officially Begins

The Web is 20 years old this month. The third decade of the Web has started. This means we are officially in Web 3.0 now. Web 2.0 is finished. Read more about this definition of Web 3.0 as the third-decade of the Web, here.

Wolfram Alpha is Coming — And It Could be as Important as Google


– This article last updated on March 11, 2009.

– For follow-up, connect with me about this on Twitter here.

– See also: for more details, be sure to read the new review by Doug Lenat, creator of Cyc.… Read More “Wolfram Alpha is Coming — And It Could be as Important as Google”

Challenges Twitter, and the Twitter Community, Will Soon Face

Challenges Twitter Will Face

As I think about Twitter more deeply, one thing that jumps out to me is that in each wave of messaging technology, the old way is supplanted by a new way that is faster, more interactive, and has less noise.… Read More “Challenges Twitter, and the Twitter Community, Will Soon Face”

How Twitter Makes Things Faster: A Timeline

The World is Getting Faster

In the world of Twitter things happen in real-time, not Internet-time. It’s even faster than the world of the 1990’s and the early 2000’s.

Here’s an interesting timeline:

  1. In the 1980’s the fax machine made snailmail almost obsolete.
Read More “How Twitter Makes Things Faster: A Timeline”

Why Your Brand or Company Must be On Twitter

Why Your Brand or Company Should be Watching Twitter

Messages spread so virally and quickly in Twitter when they are “hot” that there
is almost no time to react. It’s at once fascinating to watch, and be a part of, and terrifying.… Read More “Why Your Brand or Company Must be On Twitter”

What is Twine For?

Please read this article which explains what Twine is, what makes it unique, and what it is for.… Read More “What is Twine For?”

Why Twitter is Actually Something New and Different

Why is Twitter Different From What’s Come Before?

I pride myself on being on top of the latest technologies but I think I unfairly judged Twitter a while back. I decided it wasn’t really useful or important; just another IM type tool.… Read More “Why Twitter is Actually Something New and Different”

Twitter Changes Everything. The World Just Got Faster — A Case Study (Full Version)


Because we think Twitter is important, my company has been working on integrating Twine with Twitter. Last week we soft-launched the first features in this direction.

It turns out there is some room for improvement to our implementation of Twine-Twitter integration — which many Twitterers have pointed out.… Read More “Twitter Changes Everything. The World Just Got Faster — A Case Study (Full Version)”

Brilliant Article on Twitter vs. Google

Erick Shonfeld at TechCrunch has written an article that totally blew my mind about how Twitter and "real-time search" could challenge Google, and just might be the new frontier in the search war.

Kevin Kelly's View of Collective Intelligence

Kevin Kelly wrote an interesting post today, which cites one of my earlier diagrams on the future of the Web. His diagram is a map of two types of collective intelligence — collective human intelligence and collective machine intelligence. It's a helpful view of where the Web is headed.… Read More “Kevin Kelly's View of Collective Intelligence”

How to Build the Global Mind

Kevin Kelly recently wrote another fascinating article about evidence of a global superorganism. It’s another useful contribution to the ongoing evolution of this meme.

I tend to agree that we are at what Kevin calls, Stage III. However, an important distinction in my own thinking is that the superorganism is not comprised just of machines, but it is also comprised of people.… Read More “How to Build the Global Mind”

Twine User Engagement Stats: Users Spend 12 Minutes Per Session on Average

I've blogged about some interesting Twine stats that show positive user engagement trends, that beat several leading sites — here on my Public Twine (which is where I actually do most of my blogging these days).

Let's Move Their Market Caps By Several Hundred Million! — My Panel

I’m moderating a panel at the upcoming DEMOfall 2008 conference this year on Where the Web is Going.

I’ve assembled an all-star cast of panelists, including:

Howard Bloom, Author, The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century

Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google Inc.

Read More “Let's Move Their Market Caps By Several Hundred Million! — My Panel”

Please Vote for Twine! Industry Standard Innovation 100 Awards

Great news. Twine is a finalist in the Industry Standard’s Innovation 100 Awards. Twine / Radar Networks was chosen as a finalist in the community category.

There will be one “winner” in each category depending on which companies and products receive the most community votes in each category. Read More “Please Vote for Twine! Industry Standard Innovation 100 Awards”

Follow Me on FriendFeed

As well as Twine, I am also enjoying Friendfeed. They are complementary services. Twine is about sharing and discovering information about your interests, and Friendfeed is about keeping up with your friends and what they are up to on the Web.… Read More “Follow Me on FriendFeed”

How To Use Twine — Screencast!

I have made a screencast that teaches you how to get started using Twine, and explains most of the features, best-practices for using it, and where we are headed with the product. You can read more about it and discuss it with me here.Read More “How To Use Twine — Screencast!”

The Next Evolution of the Bookmark — Beyond Del.icio.us?

I just posted an article on how bookmarking is evolving, in response to the discussion about "Who Bookmarks Anymore?" that I found on Techmeme. Del.icio.us was a start. Twine is taking it somewhere new. Read about it on my public twine, here.

Solving the Landmine and Cluster Bomb Problem

For decades the world has struggled with what to do about unexploded land mines and cluster bombs killing innocent civilians, even years after a conflict has ended. The problem is that a significant percentage (10% – 40% in the case of cluster bombs) of these weapons do not explode when they are deployed, and instead blow up later on when they are disturbed by a person or animal.… Read More “Solving the Landmine and Cluster Bomb Problem”

Big Medical News: Use of Cellphones While Pregnant Risks Damage to Baby

A new study has found that using a cell phone 2 or 3 times a day while pregnant is potentially harmful to future child development. The risk level is on par with that of alchohol and tobacco.

Scientists found that mothers who did use the handsets were 54 per cent more likely to have children with behavioural problems and that the likelihood increased with the amount of potential exposure to the radiation

Women who use mobile phones when pregnant are more likely to give birth to children with behavioural problems, according to authoritative research.… Read More “Big Medical News: Use of Cellphones While Pregnant Risks Damage to Baby”

Good Article on History of Talks Between Tibet and China

This article sheds some light on the history of attempts to find a resolution between the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government. I found it to be quite educational. There have in fact been numerous attempts to find a solution, but the process has been frozen in a deadlock for 50 years.… Read More “Good Article on History of Talks Between Tibet and China”

Proof of Chinese Agent Provacateurs Dressing As Tibetan Monks?

You have to see this image.

Disturbing Eyewitness Testimony from Lhasa

I got this picture from a friend who received it from a friend who is on the ground in Lhasa right now. Please redistribute, especially to the news media.


Things are much worse for the Tibetans than has been reported. Can we help to avoid another Tainanmen?… Read More “Disturbing Eyewitness Testimony from Lhasa”

Response to Read Write Web article about Twine

UPDATE: I posted some further notes on the fact that Twine is in beta, and what “beta” actually means and why we are in beta here.

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote a critical review of Twine today that identified several known issues the team is working on.… Read More “Response to Read Write Web article about Twine”

A Note to Fans of This Blog — Thanks for your Comments and Emails

To all my readers — and especially to those of you who have commented or sent me emails — I just wanted to say thanks! I don’t always have time to reply, but I always read everything, and I do try to reply to the messages that are most relevant.… Read More “A Note to Fans of This Blog — Thanks for your Comments and Emails”

The Best Political Ad. Ever.

This video in support of Obama is the best piece of political advertising I’ve ever seen.

And here is a funny parody of a response from the McCain camp (via Bram)