C02 Build-Up Surprises Scientists…

Recent data indicates that the pace of C02 buildup in the atmosphere is moving faster than expected, raising speculation of the dreaded “feedback effect” kicking in. Computer simulations have predicted this, now it may be happening — or it may just be a temporary anomaly. In a few years we will know, once we have more data. If indeed feedback is taking place, predictions indicate that massive global warming effects will take place much sooner than expected. Time to invest in that houseboat you always wanted?

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3 Responses to C02 Build-Up Surprises Scientists…

  1. John Maxwell Hobbs says:

    Three things:
    1. It’s not an increase in “global warming,” it’s an increase CO2.
    2. The observations have only been conducted for the last 43 years.
    3. We are currently exiting a “mini” ice age. That’s why London used to be able to have “Frost Fairs” on the Thames in the from 1564 to the early 1800, but in 980, Erik the Red was able to colonize Greenland. We have no idea what sort of conditions accompany the exiting of an ice age, we haven’t be monitoring for that long.
    That said, there is no question that pollution is a bad thing, and that emissions of poisonous gases should be checked.

  2. John Maxwell Hobbs says:

    Now that the headline and lead-in have been changed, my comment makes no sense.

  3. Nova Spivack says:

    Well I changed them thanks to your comments, so actually it does make sense, if you’re me.