Designer Babies Approved in England

Couples in England with certain forms of inherited cancer will now be able to prescreen embryos to choose give birth to healthier babies. This sets a new precedent for the pre-screening and selection of embryos with other desired genetic traits.

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7 Responses to Designer Babies Approved in England

  1. cheyenne says:

    i don’t think designer babies are the best thing to do. the reason is the isn’t the point of having a child is haveing someone who is them selves and not having another one look in like them…

  2. gemma stratford says:

    in some cases designer babies are a good thing, they can stop the fact that a child will be born with an incurable disease,giving them a chance of leading a normal healthy life no matter how they was concieved.but in the cases where parents want a designer baby just so they can pick its eye/hair colour and make their ‘perfect baby’i think they should think where their morals lie, a baby is a bit of each parent and if you truly love eachother then fact that your child is a part of both of you should be enough for you to think it is perfect.

  3. Laura Waltham says:

    i think designer babies are a good thing because it helps cure a child of a terrible and cruel disease and it isn’t like the new baby wont be loved any more or less than any other child and it has the chance to save a life.

  4. Chris Hume says:

    I think that designer babies are sexy and their clothes turn me on.

  5. Shawna says:

    I’m currently doing a project on designer babies and believe that doing this could help the world become much healthier. Thisi could cure disease and insure that people have a healthy normal life. I believe that it should be government controlled, to prevent usage in the wrong ways.

  6. Sarah says:

    I think designer babies are a good idea as long as we keep it under control. It is a good idea because it can prevent kids being born with unwanted inherited diseases that ruin their lives.

  7. I think that whether designer babies are good or bad, depends on the situation. i think the idea of “saviour siblings” is unfair on the child created for the use of another sibling. what will they do when they find out what they were created for? Designer babies could mean all sorts of things in the future:
    imbalance between rich and poor, imbalances of the sexes. However it does help people who couldn’t originally have a baby, and saves people from the emotional strain and the expensiveness from looking after an ill child, and provides the child with a much happier and healthier start to life. xxx G