Girl With X-Ray Eyes

I have come across several references to Natasha in the last week. It seems to be a well-documented case of extra-sensory medical perception. This type of perception is not at all uncommon among Tibetan lamas and Chinese Taoists that I have studied with, and I have heard from friends who are close to Native American and African healers, of people with similar abilities. There is also a well-known teenager named Adam who gained some notoriety with similar abilities — although he is able to do it remotely. I wonder how this is possible?

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  1. Kit says:

    Assuming this isn’t a hoax or a case of mental illness inadvertently supported by the “experts”, then one explanation would be that the girl is a higher dimensional being manifest in our 3D world. In his book Flatland, Rudy Rucker alludes to the theoretical x-ray vision capabilites a higher dimensional being would possess if they “visited” our “world”. Of course in order to appear 3D “its” higher dimensional form would have to look like her 3D manisfestation when “collapsed down” to pull it off.

  2. rachel says:

    see Barbara Brennans book Hands of Light she has developed x ray eyes through her healing practices .

  3. Marlon says:

    We are all higher dimensional beings. It’s just about remembering….making contact with other aspects of you being…reconnect them.
    I would also recommend Barbara Brennan her book “hands of light”. She is a healer who can see aura’s and chakra’s.
    One day she realised that she was looking at the mussle and bone structure of her men and she was shocked. Later she learnd to control this ability. She can see within the body (also on different levels of energie) and on different scales. She can even see virusses.
    It’s is really a fascinating book that I really recommend everyone to read. I think it is one of the best books I have ever read. She discripes the proces of this “inner scanning”.. She sees “streams” of goldenlight (that has a higher frequenty and penetrates the skin)comming in through the third eye and physical eyes. These streams of light come together where the hypothalamus/pineapple lies. For her in feels like having a scanner in the middle of her head.

  4. Ameyra Tshe says:

    I just saw a documentaire over this girl and just wanted to say something about this whole x-ray thing, it’s a comic book factor.
    No wonder she failed the test, they handled it all wrong. No one has actual x-ray eyes, though the effect is the same.
    I watched the girl, how she moves and acts and speaks, she has the sixth sense and not just a little.
    How someone with a sixth sense developes can alway’s differ, but the result is the same. I don’t doubt she has trouble with all the things she perceives, wether concious or not. The thoughts and mental conditions also reflect upon those with the sixth sense, so no wonder she’s having headaches.
    The way this happens depends on clusters of energy, basically a whole lost of electrons together. (electrons can cluster together, like they can attach to atoms, only mankinds limited science is not yet able to track these clusters)
    Millions of these clusters are ejected fromboth dead and live mather and cause a riple effect on the ‘vavant’ between atoms, both as travel through it and are copied. It is hard to determine exactly how this goes, since energy is by far not as set as mather, but to put it plain, these clusters are messages, blueprints transmitted with extreme speed through space. Like with radio, waves translated again to sound, some human are capable to translate the clusters of energy they catch.
    This then forms an iamge of knowledge almost exactly like the origin inside the human brain. For some people this ability developes so extremely that they actually have a second vision mixed with their own normal eyes, the brains aply images in combination with the things eyes perceive.
    About Natasha, she only seems to have the indirect way. Thus she did not see the metal plate in the mans head, since this does not reflect synonymously to the body. The person with crams however does reflect it through his energetical codes, since the longues move all the times, as does the heart. The function of the metal plate however does almost exactly the same as the bone of the skull. She might have noticed it though if she had been in a place with no metal pipes in the walls or computers around.
    Just wanted to express myself about this.

  5. H.N.I C says:

    Actually, I believe she has the gift but what I wonder is why is it that she cannot see thru any other material. I have seen where she said that the “double sight” works only in the daytime and sleeps at night. And myself, being a person who has been actively trying to find people who have “extraordinary talents” can tell you 100%
    sure that there ARE people who actually have this gift of “every sense” of the word.
    Just think if the “highest power” created animals and other organism that can see and detect everything from infrared to ultraviolet. and some can use “sonar” combine that with heredity and genetics and anything is possible. I myself have been in avid search of my own “gifts”

  6. Superman says:

    She didnt fail, she did exactly what she should of done. She would have been a lab rat the rest of her life if she passed.

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