Historic Event: Mexican Air Force Releases UFO Images…

The Mexican Air Force has released information about a recent UFO encounter. It is unclear as to why this information was released to the public but it appears to be the real thing. The story was confirmed by the Mexican military, and was reported by Reuters and CNN among other reputable sources and was aired on Mexican TV. Images are provided of the infra-red sensors showing 11 unidentified glowing objects surrounding the jet that reported the incident (see the links above for a screenshot from the cockpit). Strangely, while the objects were visible on the scopes they were not visible to the naked eye. One possible explanation for why the objects appear to glow is that their surfaces may be electrically charged and surrounded by a plasma. There has been some speculation that charging the surfaces of an airfoil could reduce drag, and there are rumors that the US Government has been experimenting with charged surfaces as part of its research into stealth technology due to the possibility that this could have effects such as confusing enemy sensors or even bending light near the object. If you examine the screenshots from the cockpit sensors you will see 11 lights. Some of them appear to be arranged in a triangular shape — as if outlining several triangular crafts rather than separate objects. In any case, all speculation aside, this represents one of the only “official” releases of information about UFO’s. I wonder why this got approved instead of classified? Interestingly enough this story was featured on the front pages of Drudge and CNN, but was quickly removed. One would think that a story of this potential magnitude would deserve more attention. Here is a link to the cockpit video if you want to view it yourself.

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2 Responses to Historic Event: Mexican Air Force Releases UFO Images…

  1. Denny says:

    Hot damn! A rational explanation. Thank you!

  2. Nova Spivack says:

    So here’s my latest theory on this event. I think the USA was testing some of its secret stealth vehicles by buzzing Mexican Air Force missions to see if they could evade detection. Well I guess the Mexicans caught on to this and decided to make a very public statement, calling our bluff.