I'm Addicted to StumbleUpon

Ack. Thanks to prodding by Josh, I finally made the mistake of installing StumbleUpon in Firefox … and now I’m really seriously addicted to it!  Help… all I can do is sit around clicking the "Stumble!" button all day long. I’ve already found so many cool things that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Like this guided visualization for understanding 10 dimensional space (the space of superstring theory)…(my brain hurts…).

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3 Responses to I'm Addicted to StumbleUpon

  1. bblfish says:

    Well that 10 dimensional video is absolutely amazing. Even more amazing is that yesterday I wrote about Possible Worlds: the Fifth Dimension, whose point is exactly confirmed by that video.

  2. vfxjokir says:

    I’m glad my plan worked. Global Domination ensues. There’s a good StumbleUpon meeting down on Pico & 11th – I hope there’s a chapter in your area!

  3. bblfish says:

    I have been trying to reach stumbledupon for a week now without success. Are they down?