Is it Time to Update the Drake Equation?

Frank Drake, the originator of the present-day radio-telescope-driven search for extraterrestrial intelligence — has written an editorial suggesting that his famous Drake Equation may need an update. In short, he believes his equation should be changed because there may be a lot more intelligent life out there than has been previously suggested.

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One Response to Is it Time to Update the Drake Equation?

  1. Hi Nova,
    Back today, actually a couple weeks ago, I was reading up on Fischler’s interpretation of intelligence and the tri-une system, which brought to mind the tri-lepton model. Although I am unfamiliar with the Drake equation, per say, I can estimate that it should not be revised, I cite the following as valid points in reference:
    1. intelligence is not adaptive to scoring ie. predicitive
    2. causal-space time is distributed ie. modal-temporal
    3. A description of activity, is an identification, ideally.
    Now taking into account the institution of standards (restitution) of intelligence, there are several prederelict factors that require attention in terms of a Drake conjecture, that dictate the symmetric destruction of threat maybe in order to preserve redundancy, however this is possible.
    It may be that the Drake equation is actually an undecidable n-ary consequence of a conservative systemology, however we are still researching the limits of all this, it should generally be the limit of text as a conversion of articles and cheques that would correlate such information, as could be classified for a logical development of those laws being transfinite, filterable, and recyclable?
    However if we examine Goedel’s research in depth, we would find that such propositions still go unnoticed, and the result requires re-integration, so possibly this is true.
    Patrick Meuser