Is the Universe Tiled Up Like a Soccer Ball?

More on the big news today — scientists hypothesize that the shape of space-time resembles that of a soccer ball. But wait — this brings up several BIG questions. First of all are they claiming that only SPACE is wrapped back on itself, or SPACE and TIME??? To understand the significance of this question consider this example. If space wraps back on itself, then if you travel far enough in any direction you will eventually get back to where you started from. The same is true for TIME. If time wraps back on itself like this, then the distant future is also your distant PAST!!! This leads to a lot of problems with the nature of causality: if the future actually causes the past, then what causes the present??? Yikes! Here’s another conjecture: If indeed the universe is a sphere made of tiled pentagons, is there anything different about the regions of space-time on the edges of the individual tiles, or at their intersections? Perhaps this might explain black holes or other anomalies — I wonder whether the distribution of black holes, pulsars or quasars can be mapped onto this model — that might lead to some discoveries about the actual role that black holes play in the universe — for example, we might find that black holes are always located at or near the intersection points in space-time.

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One Response to Is the Universe Tiled Up Like a Soccer Ball?

  1. Robin says:

    And, of course, one final (banal) question this prompts: Is something about to kick us?