My "A Physics of Ideas" Manifesto has been Published!

Change This, a project that helps to promote interesting new ideas so that they get noticed above the noise level of our culture has published my article on “A Physics of Ideas” as one of their featured Manifestos. They use an innovative PDF layout for easier reading, and they also provide a means for readers to provide feedback and even measure the popularity of various Manifestos. I’m happy this paper is getting noticed finally — I do think the ideas within it have potential. Take a look.

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4 Responses to My "A Physics of Ideas" Manifesto has been Published!

  1. augustdiva says:

    Nova, I enjoyed your ChangeThis manifesto… if for no other reason than your manifesto sparked a flurry of connections to other things that interest me! I offer some of them here, although I suspect you’ve seen them before…
    on information display: Glass Engine + newsmap + MarkeTrac
    on search: Tacit + Clusty + KartOO + Teoma + Yahoo!’s SmartSort + WebFountain
    on trends: FUTUREdition + Springwise + Trendwatching
    on memes: blogdex + Zeitgeist + Buzz
    on what an “ideal meme distribution” might look like: Order in Pollock’s Chaos
    That’s all, really. I’ve bookmarked your website, and am quite certain I will be back for more. 🙂

  2. Sri says:

    The pdf download ends with a loading error. I have tried it twice at two different times one at night and one in the daytime just in case the server was busy or what.
    Wonder if you have a mirror site for it.

  3. Crystal says:

    Congratulations! What an acoomplishment!

  4. Hi Nova, quick note to say how much my other half and I enjoy your blog. He’s into AI, I’m into social network analysis and KM, so you are effectively our meeting of minds! Your ‘Physics of Ideas’ paper is brilliant and is something I’m hugely interested in. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens with it.