New Images from Surface of VENUS!

I just read an interesting article about new images from the surface of Venus … yes, Venus, not Mars! The Soviets sent a number of probes to Venus, several of which actually managed to land on the surface and send back photos. Recently Don Mitchell (who has perhaps one of the coolest homepages ever — try it you’ll see what I mean) digitally reprocessed the raw images from the old Soviet missions to produce amazingly high quality images of the surface of Venus, Pretty cool stuff.

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2 Responses to New Images from Surface of VENUS!

  1. Mind the Gap says:

    More than Mars…

    I, like everyone else, am enthralled with the current work on Mars (and worried that Bush’s laudable but misguided approach to putting humans on the Red Planet might kill automated space probe trips that actually give us a great deal of data). However,…

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