Possible Proof of Riemann Hypothesis

A mathematician at Purdue University has published a proof of the Reimann Hypothesis. If his proof is valid then it would be a key discovery for mathematics and the search to understand the prime numbers and the hidden structure of the universe. Although it is too early to tell whether his proof will stand up to scrutiny, if it does he will will a $1 million prize and also go down in history as solving one of the most important questions in mathematics.

2 Responses to Possible Proof of Riemann Hypothesis

  1. Jerome S. Shipman says:

    Allow me to join the horde of
    readers who wish you had not spelled
    Riemann “Reimann” in the first
    sentence of your 06/09/04 piece
    on de Brange’s proof of the RH.

  2. Nova Spivack says:

    Ah good catch. Spelling errors sometimes happen when typing fast! Will fix it now!