Russian Doc Predicts Bird-Flu Will Kill 1 Billion; Possibly This Year…

A Russian academician has predicted that bird-flu will stem to humans and kill up to one billion people around the world within 6 months of an outbreak. He says it is highly probable that a pandemic could take place within the next year. There is no evidence cited for his claims however he refers to studies to this effect allegedly in hands of US authorities. We’ll be tracking this meme as it develops to see if it is credible. Please update here if you get further data. Editor’s Note: The World Health Organization is organizing an emergency summit to develop strategies to combat the threat of this potential pandemic.

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2 Responses to Russian Doc Predicts Bird-Flu Will Kill 1 Billion; Possibly This Year…

  1. Carlyle Blainey says:

    The Russians are also well known for consulting mystics before submitting higher mathmatical calculations as fact, operating nuclear power facilities, launching spacecraft, programing computers, flying high performance aircraft, assaulting mass hostage situations, etc. etc. Thus, reports presageing a birdflu pandemic and a billion subsequent deaths? They should be taken with a couple hundred kilos of salt.

  2. Karel Svoboda says:

    Yes,80% mortality rate and at least two other
    American epidemiologists are sounding
    similar alarm bells as well.Russian scientists don’t
    exercise in rhetoric and jargon like the British,
    Canadian and American doctors.Russian doctors
    don’t live in a “Pharmacracy”,like we do,so they have nothing to gain through this prediction.
    And finally the truth is not in “if” but in “when”.In conclusion,Blainey,you really shouldn’t get your knickers in such a dismissive ,precarious knot and prepare yourself instead.~~~Semper Paratus~~~.