Study Finds that Second-Hand Smoke Dulls Children's Brains

A new study has found that exposure to even low levels of second-hand smoke at home had a significant negative impact on children’s reading and math performance at school.

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2 Responses to Study Finds that Second-Hand Smoke Dulls Children's Brains

  1. Jennifer says:

    does that explain why so many children have learning disabilities and attention disorders and mental handicaps? Maybe, just maybe, if parents stopped smoking their children wouldn’t suffer the consequences.

  2. Another self-serving study! What is needed is a scientific study, not theories! The EPA in the USA was the origin of the second smoke theory! And a US judge checked it out and found that most of the claims made by the EPA were fraudelent. The EPA had already mounted an anti-smoking campaign before conducting the study. They also used very selective data to boost their theory. And the study wasn’t conducted to already established normes! As a result, many people have lost their jobs, some have even lost their children!! If you ask them to prove their theory, they ignore you and spew forth some more propaganda! This has to stop!