Visualizing the Tenth Dimension

One of my readers commented that they were looking for this really cool flash presentation that I blogged about a while back — it helps you visualize higher-dimensions all the way to 10-dimensions. Check it out! After this your brain will need a rest, and possibly a hard reboot — but worth it.

By the way, a reader named Runde has discovered that this visualization is not exactly in accord with the view of string theorists or mainstream physics. You can read the criticisms here. Oh Well, that’s too bad — but I think it’s really cool anyway because it is an exploration of higher dimensions from the perspective of true metaphysics (metaphysics in the philosophical sense, as opposed to new-age metaphysics).

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4 Responses to Visualizing the Tenth Dimension

  1. Runde says:

    Thanks for picking the topic up again! But you forgot to mention that his view of a tendimensional world has very little to do with the “REAL” ten dimensions quantum science works with. (Well, not real, but at least they’re “theoretical” rather than “dreamed up”) At first I was completely flabbergasted that this canadian sound engineer had finally managed to explain the 10d conundrum to me, as easy as anything, I even almost ordered the book, but then it struck me … this is a LITTLE too easy. Why has no REAL scientists said it simply, sweetly, like this? Why indeed: Because he’s just making it up.
    See the brutal slaughter here:

  2. bblfish says:

    I found that site of criticisms a little messy. There is a discussion forum on the 10th dimension video site too.
    To me that video still makes a lot of sense. It certainly has sparked my interest in this topic. I’ll be investigating further. There is too much clarity in the work of thinkers such as David Lewis for there not to be some very interesting ways for these theories to mesh.

  3. That was a really knowledgeable post. I often find that this topic is complicated to get your head round but you have summed it up really well. You reminded me of a guy I was reading the other day who was really good too.

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