What is Radar Networks up to?

Shel Israel and I just finished up working together for 10 days. I needed Shel’s perspective on what we are working on at Radar Networks. Shel lived up to his reviews as a brilliant thinker on strategic messaging, branding and positioning. So what are the 15 people at Radar Networks working on? It’s still a secret, but yes, it’s related to the Semantic Web, and yes, Shel has hinted on his blog at some of it. But it’s probably not what you think. And, no, it’s not semantic video blogging either. More hints later on. For now, if you are a blogger and you have a wish-list for what wikis or blogs could do next, feel free to submit your list in the comments on this post: I’m doing some informal market research…

[Corrected due to typo.]

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One Response to What is Radar Networks up to?

  1. jiqiwa says:

    the biggest problem is the bottleneck of typing,searching and reading information from webpages to human brain, it would be nice if this barrier is removed…voice recognition + wireless is good but not ideal, a chip planted next to the cortex will be great.