WiTricity Coming Soon

Another interesting article on the move towards wireless power, or what some are calling "WiTricity." I’ve written about this previously. The team at MIT is making some good headway. Check out the article for a diagram of how their wireless power beaming system works. It can power any device within about 9 feet.

Nikola Tesla was working on wireless power beaming in the early 1900’s, but since that time nobody has really succeeded in replicating his work or taking it further. Wireless power is an important and necessary step in technological evolution that simply must happen. My guess is that it will be a commercial mainstream technology within 20 years, if not sooner.

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2 Responses to WiTricity Coming Soon

  1. Great to see Tesla work back in use! And the people from 3 separate countries trying to claim him – Croatia, Serbia and USA. Incidentally, I graduated from Electrical Engineering Faculty in Belgrade, where Nikola Tesla statue was the only one just off the side to the building entrance.

  2. vKarma says:

    It’s nice to see Tesla finally getting the credit he deserves… Indeed the technology is available and has implications for the whole planet. How unfortunate that the greatest lie ever told, was that of crude oil being a way to industrialize and mobilize the plant. truth be told we as a planet could have been off fossil fuel 50 years ago saving the ecosystem and countless lives lost in unnecessary global conflicts.
    Max plank has been quoted as saying “There is no MATTER as such, this physical reality we see is simply the vibration of atoms brought to a certain frequecy which creates matter.”
    It is indeed this same “vibration” which Tesla understood to provide endless clean energy, capable of powering the entire planet.