Yellowstone About to Go Boom?

Of course I’ve been tracking this one for nearly a year already, but now that mainstream press is discussing this I guess it’s ok to post it here without you all thinking I’m a wacko. The fact is that there are serious rumblings and changes taking place at Yellowstone and nobody knows what could happen — but there is at least the theoretical potential for a truly massive hydrothermal explosion — big enough to have national or even global consequences. In the dark labyrinths of the Web that I read every day there are raging debates about this subject. Anyway, if you’re planning to go to Yellowstone in the near future, do us all a favor and walk very very softly!

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2 Responses to Yellowstone About to Go Boom?

  1. Well- the comments are still – so I’ll make one.
    Yellowstone is one of two VERY ACTIVE volcanic areas in the US. The other is Mammoth Mountain.
    I worked on the film Dante’s Peak a few years ago, and befriended one of the volcanologists from the USGS. Of course, he didn’t come out and say outright that either Yellowstone or Mammoth was going to explode like Mt. St. Helens, but the potential was there- and ALL of the signs indicating imminent “detonation”…and this was 7 years ago…

  2. Denny says:

    Very interesting, kind of like the people who say we should be looking more carefully for oncoming asteroids. A felt a little like a wacko myself a put the finishing touches on my post for Mar 27.