You've Heard about Global Warming … Now Comes "Global Cooling"

Russian scientists are now predicting a period of "Global Cooling" will begin in 2012. Well at least the good news is that Al Gore can make a sequel. And I guess this means San Francisco will have even colder summers…er winters…now? But all jokes aside, this is something to track. The term "global warming" is  misleading. In fact a better term would just be "global climate change." An increase in temperature does not mean that all parts of the world will get warmer — it will actually result in a precipitous decrease in temperature in some places as the Gulf Stream currents change and global air currents also shift. While everyone else is getting their sun-tan lotion ready, perhaps those in the know should be buying down jackets?

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  1. global cooling

    I found this link on minding the planet about the consequences of global cooling.