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More Rumors of Pre-Emptive Iran Strike

This article by a former NSA/NSC and Reagan-administration official adds further credence to the “October Surprise” theory that the White House may initiate a pre-election attack on Iran. It’s interesting because of the source, who is presumably both more reliable and more connected and “in-the-know” than the usual rumor sources on the Web.… Read More “More Rumors of Pre-Emptive Iran Strike”

What Lies Beneath Lake Vostok?

Deep beneath the South Pole ice-cap is a strange fresh water lake — Lake Vostok. Lake Vostok is the subject of intense speculation, debate and strange conspiracy rumors. Because it hasn’t been exposed to our atmosphere since at least the last ice-age, it may contain ancient microorganisms that do not exist anywhere else on our planet.… Read More “What Lies Beneath Lake Vostok?”

N. Korea Suddenly Conducts First Open-Air Nuke Test?

On Thursday a mushroom cloud of approx. 2.5 miles in diameter was detected in a remote region of North Korea, near the border of China. This corresponds to the expected diameter of a 10 kiloton bomb. Strangely, the US media has not reported this event widely.… Read More “N. Korea Suddenly Conducts First Open-Air Nuke Test?”

Safer Air Travel: Separate Flights for Luggage?

Here’s an idea to help reduce the threat of terrorism against airplanes, and to speed up those long lines at airport security: Separate flights for luggage on high-risk routes.

Transparent Alumina!

Cool. Scientists in the US have figured out how to make transparent alumina. The link includes pictures of alumina glass. OK, it’s almost aluminum, but not quite!

Security Idea: One-Time Passwords

Typing your password into a website is increasingly risky, especially when logging in via a wireless device or from an Internet terminal. The primary risk is interception of your login information and password by an eavesdropper or via a keystroke-capture spyware installed on the machine you are using without your knowledge.… Read More “Security Idea: One-Time Passwords”

How to Save the Upcoming Elections from Terrorism Alert Manipulation

There has been much recent discussion lately about alleged evidence that the Bush administration is issuing terrorist alerts for political gain. While I am not taking a position on this issue, I do have a suggestion that could eliminate any doubts, and in the process protect our upcoming elections.… Read More “How to Save the Upcoming Elections from Terrorism Alert Manipulation”