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Genetically Engineered Hypo-Allergenic Cats

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“Allerca Inc is now taking reservations for genetically engineered hypo-allergenic cats, which it calls ‘lifestyle pets’… and apparently they are just the beginning… Read the press release here… and you can take delivery of a cuddy non-sinus bothering bundle of joy for just $3500.

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New Technique Turns Animals into Drones; Humans Next?

Scientists have discovered that by blocking the effect of a gene called D2 in a particular part of the brain they can transform normal monkeys into “drones” that will work as hard as they can, continuously, on repetitive tasks, without needing any expection of reward to keep going.… Read More “New Technique Turns Animals into Drones; Humans Next?”

Common Antibiotic Appears to Block Some Cancers

Adding new evidence that is sure to lend credence to the 100+ year old “cancer microbes” hypothesis, a recent study has found that a doxycycline, a common antibiotic, appears to “shut off” aggressive liver cancer — causing cancer cells to stop reproducing and behave normally as long as it is administered.

Storing Data In the Human Body

Following up on my earlier post about storing messages in DNA it might be interesting to explore ways to encode large volumes of data directly into parts of the human body. Messing with DNA is risky — it may be safer to store data in other parts of the human body (with the one potential disadvantage that such data would not be passed down via heredity).… Read More “Storing Data In the Human Body”

Messages in DNA: You Saw it Here First

In August of 2003, I posted an article that suggested the SETI folks ought to look at our own DNA to see if there happens to be a hidden message from aliens in there waiting to be discovered. Putting a message in human DNA, particularly in the junk DNA regions, is guaranteed (a) not to degrade significantly over long periods of time and (b) to be found by humans when we reached a suitable level of technological development, and (d) to go with each of us wherever we went on earth and beyond.… Read More “Messages in DNA: You Saw it Here First”

Transgenic Tombstone Project Hits Snags

Yikes this one freaks me out — A project to splice the DNA of dead people to apple trees as a way to preserve people’s “essence” after death. Fortunately, it has hit some snags. I would not want to bite into an apple and find out that I was actually eating grandma!!!!… Read More “Transgenic Tombstone Project Hits Snags”

The Memecodes Project

The Memecodes Project starts with randomly generated Web pages and evolves them to get more search results from Google. Brilliant idea. The only problem is that Google indexing isn’t frequent enough, making this process take a bit of time. Still, I think this is a very interesting new approach that could even be a useful utility for sites in general someday.

Mystery Virus May Thwart HIV

Very interesting article about a strange new virus that seems to block HIV.

Low-Level Magnetic Fields from Common Household Appliances Cause Neuronal DNA Damage

New research indicates that prolonged exposure to low-level magnetic fields such as those emitted by common household electronic devices causes DNA damage to rat brain cells. The research shows further that damage from brief exposures appears to build up cumulatively over time.… Read More “Low-Level Magnetic Fields from Common Household Appliances Cause Neuronal DNA Damage”

A Plant that Detects Landmines

Danish researchers have developed a plant changes color when its roots come in contact with explosives. They are proposing that this plant could be used to detect buried landmines. Of course that would require that this plant was growing pretty much everywhere in certain regions that are rife with landmines.… Read More “A Plant that Detects Landmines”

Using Nanoparticles to Augment Human Brains…?

CNN posted an article today about the potential risk of nanotechnology on the human brain. Basically some research shows that nano-scale particles such as industrial waste, or even components of nanotechnologies, can migrate through the human circulatory system and eventually lodge in the brain.… Read More “Using Nanoparticles to Augment Human Brains…?”

Humans Should Intentionally Seed Life on Mars. Why We Must Start Now.

Here’s a wildly unexpected proposal that just popped into my brain: Humanity should intentionally contaminate Mars with Earth lifeforms — as soon as possible! The benefits vastly outweigh any concerns to the contrary. Indeed, it may be the smartest thing our species ever does.… Read More “Humans Should Intentionally Seed Life on Mars. Why We Must Start Now.”

It's Time for a Virtual Species Diversity Ark

A new article projects that global warming will eliminate up 1 million species by 2050 — up to nearly 40% of all species. Combine that with the vast number of species that are being wiped out because of human activity (industrialization, elimination of habitats, pollution, over-fishing, etc.)… Read More “It's Time for a Virtual Species Diversity Ark”

Parasites are Good for You??? Bioengineered Parasites as Medicine?

New research and experiments indicate that deliberately ingesting certain types of parasitic worms may be the cure for colitis, hay fever, asthma and a host of other auto-immune diseases. Gross!!! But seriously, the theory is that since humans co-evolved with gut-worms they may in fact be necessary to our health.… Read More “Parasites are Good for You??? Bioengineered Parasites as Medicine?”

Shocking Healing Effect of LED Light on Wounds

Wired reports on a phenomena I found out about quite a while ago. LED light can dramatically decrease wound healing time, and also has interested DNA effects. This is supported by several clinical trials. Nobody knows why it works yet, but the hypothesis is that light may supply extra energy to cellular organelles.… Read More “Shocking Healing Effect of LED Light on Wounds”

Crop Bio-terrorism Using Genetic Weapons: Horrifying Scenario

The New Scientist published this scary article in reaction to new reports from the US Agriculture Department about unorthodox terrorist risk scenarios. It’s one more example of why uncontrolled genetic engineering is perhaps the greatest present long-term threat to the human species — far more dangerous in fact than nuclear weapons.… Read More “Crop Bio-terrorism Using Genetic Weapons: Horrifying Scenario”