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Come to SFWIN this Thurs in SF!

Make sure to come to the next SFWIN event, this Thursday, May 11, at 6 PM, hosted at Adaptive Path’s office in San Francisco. See you there!!!

Thanks all — Thursday's SFWIN Event was great

The SFWIN meetup last Thursday (hosted at Adobe’s office) was a huge success. Click here to see a photo. Thanks all for coming. Stay tuned to for announcements about the May event.

SF Web Innovators Meetup This Thursday at Microsoft SF Offices

Hey everyone, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to come to the SF Web Innovators (SFWIN) meetup this Thursday. This month’s event is hosted by Microsoft and co-sponsored by Fish and Richardson. There will be an open bar and catered finger food and deserts.… Read More “SF Web Innovators Meetup This Thursday at Microsoft SF Offices”

I'm Off to PC Forum — See you There?

I’m headed out to PC Forum this weekend. If any of my readers are there be sure to find me and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you there!

SF Web Innovators Meetup This Thursday!

The next SF Web Innovators Network (SFWIN) meetup is happening this Thursday, Dec. 1, at Deep Sushi. Think "TechCrunch" for SF people. Please RSVP on the wiki if you plan to come. Space is limited for this event. Hope to see you there!

Top 10 Sources Selects Minding the Planet

Top Ten Sources has selected Minding the Planet as one of the top 10 sites by "Thinkers of the Web."  Thanks!

Top 10 Sources for Thinkers_Of_The_WebRead More “Top 10 Sources Selects Minding the Planet”

Do You Want a Link to Your Blog from Minding The Planet?

Hello readers! I am trying a little experiment to see who is reading
this blog. Anyone who posts a link in their blog to the permalink of
this blog entry will get a reciprocal link back to their blog from
within the body of this blog entry.… Read More “Do You Want a Link to Your Blog from Minding The Planet?”

Tech Web 2.0 People — Monthly Meetup in SF Starting

I had lunch with Chris Law and Paul Martino at the Web 2.0 conference earlier this month and we hatched an idea to start a monthly get-together for Web 2.0 tech startup people in San Francisco. We love the concept of the Techcrunch barbecues — but they are all the way out in the Valley, which is too far away for those of us in SF to attend regularly.… Read More “Tech Web 2.0 People — Monthly Meetup in SF Starting”

Katrina Disaster: Where is the Military?

I just got back from vacation and am catching up on the terrible aftermath of Katrina. I find it unbelievable that with our enormous military budget, it has been 3 days and we are still unable to provide even basic food, water, shelter, medical care, and security to the stranded people of New Orleans.… Read More “Katrina Disaster: Where is the Military?”

New Technique may Cure All Cancers

Scientists in England claim remarkable results in a new approach to fighting cancer that is based on modifying a patient’s T-cells to better target cancerous cells. The approach may provide a cure for all types of cancer "within 5 years." Wow, let’s hope so.… Read More “New Technique may Cure All Cancers”

Turning comments off for a while…

Typepad seems to be suffering another spate of comment spam — so I’m disabling comments for a while and taking them off the front page. Sorry about that. Will consider bringing them back if Typepad can do a better job of blocking spam.

What is this thing???

What is this?

Back from Vacation

In case you were wondering why this site has been quiet for a few weeks — I was in Italy for two weeks. Just got back. Had a wonderful time there visiting friends and eating incredibly great food!

Micah is Free

(8/23/04 — Update: Good news! Micah was freed by his captors yesterday!)

Some of you might have heard about Micah Garen’s kidnapping in Iraq. If you haven’t already, check Google News:

I worked with Micah at Earthweb. He’s a really great guy and needs our support.… Read More “Micah is Free”

Channel Mob Debugging

Well the Channel Mob seems to have picked up 1 posting, but not the others yet. We are looking into why this is the case. I have contacted the people at that make Mystack, which is the agent we are using for the Channel Mob — as you can see by the comments on this post, they are now working on the issue and hopefully we will have this up and running shortly.… Read More “Channel Mob Debugging”

Channel Mob Working Now

Some Thoughts on the Benefits of GoMemes

There are several reasons behind the GoMeme concept which shed some light on why this is potentially interesting.

First of all, whenever a site links to an article they find on the Web, they are essentially helping to then promote that article to others.… Read More “Some Thoughts on the Benefits of GoMemes”

Current Results of GoMeme 4.0

Current Results of GoMeme 4.0, in Google

Update on Channel Mob

OK, we are having some technical difficulties getting the Channel Mob to work. It should work — I am looking into it and will have an answer and possibly updated HTML sometime next week. I think it’s probably just a minor glitch — we should have this thing up and running in a few days.

Nice Visualization of Results of Meme Spread Experiment

Philipp Lensen has made a cool visualization of the Meme spread results data-set. Check it out! It only shows a visualization of a limited subset of the sites that participated. Very nice Philipp. So can we visualize the full set of results?

Let's Start a Channel Mob (HTML Updated)

I have an idea to start a “Channel Mob.” Wanna try it with me?

What’s a Channel Mob? It is a new way to automatically syndicate links to articles on your own sites to other sites that participate in the group.… Read More “Let's Start a Channel Mob (HTML Updated)”

Help Make Blogs More Visible!

There are by some estimates more than 3 million weblogs. But most of them get no visibility in search engines. Only a few “A-List” blogs get into the top search engine results for a given topic, while the majority of blogs just don’t get noticed.… Read More “Help Make Blogs More Visible!”

What is a GoMeme — The Shortest Explanation

A GoMeme is a specially modified piece of content that spreads virally along social relationships in a manner that benefits every site that helps it spread. Any piece of content can be transformed into a GoMeme.

FAQ for GoMeme 3.0 — A Social Network Based "Trackback Multiplier"

What is a GoMeme?

A GoMeme is a specially modified piece of content that spreads virally along social relationships in a manner that benefits every site that helps it spread. Any piece of content can be transformed into a GoMeme. It’s a piece of content, or a meme, that is specially modified to spread virally along social networks.… Read More “FAQ for GoMeme 3.0 — A Social Network Based "Trackback Multiplier"”

GoMeme Strain 3.0 Has Evolved: Can You See How it Works?

This funny article is Gomeme strain 3.0. We’re perfecting the method. The GoMeme has evolved so that now it can attach to any blog posting! See if you spot it!

Now we are getting somewhere. This is a fundamentally useful way for bloggers to benefit by syndicating posts for other bloggers.… Read More “GoMeme Strain 3.0 Has Evolved: Can You See How it Works?”

Must… Sleep … Now

I have been blogging literally all night. You know how it is. I don’t actually feel tired but my brain is telling me that I should probably sleep now. If you comment on the previous posts tonight or tomorrow AM, I will get back to you around noon USA Pacific Standard Time (California).… Read More “Must… Sleep … Now”

Help Me Think of the Rules for a GoMeme Competition

I am willing to offer a $500 prize to the Webmaster, other than myself, who spreads the new GoMeme most successfully, by midnight Pacific Standard Time, September 1, 2004. But first, I need your help to define the rules for this contest, and a method for juding the competitors.… Read More “Help Me Think of the Rules for a GoMeme Competition”

NetPolitik Explains What I'm Doing

Aha, now I understand it! Nick, from Netpolitik has posted an insightful analysis of the dynamics that make the GoMeme experiment work. Nick calls our species of meme a “Bloggie Meme.” That’s pretty cute. I thought of some names too, by combining blog + meme — such as a “Bleme” or “BlogMe” or “BlogMeme” — or how about a “BloMe” (ha ha).… Read More “NetPolitik Explains What I'm Doing”

Go Meme, Go!!!

A Meme is Born

The Meme is certainly spreading nicely in its second day of life. There are nearly 200 blogs participating that we know of — possibly more that we can’t see trackbacks for. Once Google indexes everything (in a few days to a few weeks), we should have a better idea of the true numbers.… Read More “Go Meme, Go!!!”

Technorati Bugs?

Well one interesting early result from the Meme Propagation test is that Technorati doesn’t seem to be working quite right. I have been tracking trackbacks there and I noticed two things. First of all, Technorati is not updating the number of links and sources to blogs properly — because I know the number of citations to the Meme Propagation test, and to my blog before and after the test, and the change is not reflected in Technorati’s stats.… Read More “Technorati Bugs?”