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How about Web 3G?

I’m here at the BlogTalk conference in Cork, Ireland with a range of bloggers and technologists discussing the emerging social Web. Including myself, Ian Davis and Paul Miller from Talis, there are also a bunch of other Semantic Web folks including Dan Brickley, and a group from DERI Galway.… Read More “How about Web 3G?”

Fun With CoolWhip: The Twine Crunchies Video

The Crunchies are done. At Radar Networks we are really honored to have our product,, nominated as a finalist for Best Technology Innovation of 2007. It was very cool to see our Twine logo up there on stage next to Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and so many other incredible companies — especially considering we were the only company that was still in closed Beta in the awards (and yes, we are coming out of closed beta in March, so get ready!).… Read More “Fun With CoolWhip: The Twine Crunchies Video”

Help us Win! Twine is a Finalist in the Crunchies!

My company’s product,, has made it to the finalist round in the Crunchies, a new annual tech industry awards competition, under the Best Technical Achievement category. Please help us win by casting your vote for Twine here. Thanks!

UPDATE: It turns out, that for some odd reason the Crunchies allows each voter to vote once per day per category — in other words, you can vote multiple times in the same category — one vote per user per day — so please vote for Twine again if you can.

First Full Online Demo of Twine

Scoble came over and filmed a full conversation and video demo of Twine. You can watch the long version (1 hour) or the short version (10 mins) on his site. Here’s the link.

Watch the Semantic Web Panel from the recent MIT / Stanford Venture Lab Event

Last month I was on a panel about Semantic Web Opportunities at the MIT / Stanford Venture Lab, at Stanford University. The panel was moderated by Paul Saffo, and included myself, Robert Cook, Alex Iskold and Paul Kedrosky. The full video of the panel is online.… Read More “Watch the Semantic Web Panel from the recent MIT / Stanford Venture Lab Event”

Twine Demo at Upcoming Semantic Web SIG in SF on Dec 13

If you are going to be in San Francisco on December 13, please join me at the SD Forum Semantic Web SIG event. I’ll be demoing Twine, along with several other presenters showing other interesting apps that relate the semweb. This is a repeat of last month’s SD Forum event in Palo Alto which was so good that they’ve asked us all to come back and do it again.… Read More “Twine Demo at Upcoming Semantic Web SIG in SF on Dec 13”

Defining the Semantic Graph — What is it Really?

This is written in response to a post by Anne Zelenka.

I’ve been talking about the coming “semantic graph” for quite some time now, and it seems the meme has suddenly caught on thanks to a recent article by Tim Berners-Lee in which he speaks of an emerging “Giant Global Graph” or “GGG.”Read More “Defining the Semantic Graph — What is it Really?”

Favorite Site of the Week:

Slideshare is a site where people post and share their Powerpoints. You can watch the powerpoints quickly with a little viewer widget that let’s you click through them in your browser. There are some really interesting, creative, and informative presentations there.… Read More “Favorite Site of the Week:”

Powerpoint Deck: Making Sense of the Semantic Web, and Twine

Now that I have been asked by several dozen people for the slides from my talk on "Making Sense of the Semantic Web," I guess it’s time to put them online. So here they are, under the Creative Commons Attribution License (you can share it with attribution this site).… Read More “Powerpoint Deck: Making Sense of the Semantic Web, and Twine”

Quick Video Preview of Twine

The New Scientist just posted a quick video preview of Twine to YouTube. It only shows a tiny bit of the functionality, but it’s a sneak peak.

We’ve been letting early beta testers into Twine and we’re learning a lot from all the great feedback, and also starting to see some cool new uses of Twine.… Read More “Quick Video Preview of Twine”

A Video and an Audio Cast About Twine

Last night I saw that the video of my presentation of Twine at the Web 2.0 Summit is online. My session, "The Semantic Edge," featured Danny Hillis of Metaweb demoing Freebase, Barney Pell demoing Powerset, and myself Demoing Twine, followed by a brief panel discussion with Tim O’Reilly (in that order).… Read More “A Video and an Audio Cast About Twine”

Radar Networks Announces

My company, Radar Networks, has just come out of stealth. We’ve announced what we’ve been working on all these years: It’s called We’re going to be showing Twine publicly for the first time at the Web 2.0 Summit tomorrow.… Read More “Radar Networks Announces”

Radar Networks Coming Out of Stealth – Friday, October 19

News Flash!

My company, Radar Networks, is coming out of stealth this Friday, October 19, 2007 at the Web 2.0 Summit, in San Francisco. I’ll be speaking on "The Semantic Edge Panel" at 4:10 PM, and publicly showing our Semantic Web online service for the first time.… Read More “Radar Networks Coming Out of Stealth – Friday, October 19”

Understanding The Semantic Web: A Response to Tim O'Reilly's Recent Defense of Web 2.0

Tim O’Reilly, recently blogged another article about Web 2.0 Versus Web 3.0 in which he responded to some of my points about what Web 3.0 is and is not. There are several points in his post that I need to respond to.… Read More “Understanding The Semantic Web: A Response to Tim O'Reilly's Recent Defense of Web 2.0”

Web 3.0 — The Best Official Definition Imaginable

Jason just blogged his take on an official definition of "Web 3.0" — in his case he defines it as better content, built using Web 2.0 technologies. There have been numerous responses already, but since I am one of the primary co-authors of the Wikipedia page on the term Web 3.0, I thought I should throw my hat in the ring here.… Read More “Web 3.0 — The Best Official Definition Imaginable”

My Burma Meme Spreads to 17,000 Web Pages in just one week!

I’ve been tracking the progress of my Burma protest meme. In just under one week it has spread to almost 17,000 web pages and it continues to grow. (For the latest number, click here). It’s great to see the blogosphere pick this up, and I’m glad to be able to do something to help raise awareness of this important human rights issue.… Read More “My Burma Meme Spreads to 17,000 Web Pages in just one week!”

Gartner is Wrong about Web 3.0

I have a lot of respect for the folks at Gartner, but their recent report in which they support the term "Web 2.0" yet claim that the term "Web 3.0" is just a marketing ploy, is a bit misguided.

In fact, quite the opposite is true.… Read More “Gartner is Wrong about Web 3.0”

Cool Women in Tech

Hey, I’m posting this to support my friend Kaliya’s  (un)conference for women in  tech called She’s Geeky, A Women’s Tech (un)conference (October 22-23 in Mountain View, CA).

Here at  Radar Networks we’re proud that we have a bunch of really smart women across all areas of the company including Sonja Erickson our awesome VP of systems, Jennifer Agostinelli who runs operations and makes our culture great, Karen Marcelo who hacks code and in her free time builds fire-breathing robots, Lara Fields who hacks RDF in a land called Cucamonga, Susan Mayo who is not only a woman in tech but also a woman in soccer, Tricia Royal who is a designer of many things, and just this week we added Kim Laama on UI, and soon two more women are joining our team.… Read More “Cool Women in Tech”

The Semantic Web, Collective Intelligence and Hyperdata

I’m posting this in response to a recent post by Tim O’Reilly which focused on disambiguating what the Semantic Web is and is not, as well as the subject of Collective Intelligence. I generally agree with Tim’s post, but I do have some points I would add by way of clarification.… Read More “The Semantic Web, Collective Intelligence and Hyperdata”

Open Source Projects for Extracting Data and Metadata from Files & the Web

I’ve been looking around for open-source libraries (preferably in Java, but not required) for extracting data and metadata from common file formats and Web formats. One project that looks very promising is Aperture. Do you know of any others that are ready or almost ready for prime-time use?… Read More “Open Source Projects for Extracting Data and Metadata from Files & the Web”

Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Private Listening Post

A security researcher has figured out a novel way to compromise the security of messages traveling in the Tor anonymizer network. Messages in the Tor network are encrypted as they travel from node to node to their final destination. But the last node has to decrypt the messages before it can deliver them to their final destination on the Internet.… Read More “Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Private Listening Post”

Knowledge Networking

I’ve been thinking for several years about Knowledge Networking. It’s not a term I invented, it’s been floating around as a meme for at least a decade or two. But recently it has started to resurface in my own work.

So what is a knowledge network?… Read More “Knowledge Networking”

The Rise of the Social Operating System

In recent months we have witnessed a number of social networking sites begin to open up their platforms to outside developers. While this trend has been exhibited most prominently by Facebook, it is being embraced by all the leading social networking services, such as Plaxo, LinkedIn, Myspace and others.… Read More “The Rise of the Social Operating System”

Radar Networks Progress Update

I’m sitting the Dynasty Lounge in Taipei, enroute to Singpore where I will be addressing ministers of the government there on the potential of the Semantic Web. Singapore is a very forward-looking country and they have some very exciting new initiatives in the works there.… Read More “Radar Networks Progress Update”

Enriching the Connections of the Web — Making the Web Smarter

Web 3.0 — aka The Semantic Web — is about enriching the connections of the Web. By enriching the connections within the Web, the entire Web may become smarter.

I  believe that collective intelligence primarily comes from connections — this is certainly the case in the brain where the number of connections between neurons far outnumbers the number of neurons; certainly there is more "intelligence" encoded in the brain’s connections than in the neurons alone.… Read More “Enriching the Connections of the Web — Making the Web Smarter”

Web 3.0 — Next-Step for Web?

The Business 2.0 Article on Radar Networks and the Semantic Web just came online. It’s a huge article. In many ways it’s one of the best popular articles written about the Semantic Web in the mainstream press. It also goes into a lot of detail about what Radar Networks is working on.… Read More “Web 3.0 — Next-Step for Web?”

Business 2.0 and BusinessWeek Articles About Radar Networks

It’s been an interesting month for news about Radar Networks. Two significant articles came out recently:

Business 2.0 Magazine published a feature article about Radar Networks in their July 2007 issue. This article is perhaps the most comprehensive article to-date about what we are working on at Radar Networks, it’s also one of the better articulations of the value proposition of the Semantic Web in general.… Read More “Business 2.0 and BusinessWeek Articles About Radar Networks”

Jim Wissner's Latest Semantic Web Creation Rocks

I met today with Jim Wissner, Chief Architect and co-founder of my company, Radar Networks. Jim started the company along with me and Kris Thorisson several years ago when we were just a few guys doing futuristic R&D. Jim has been working for a few months on a "secret project" in his spare time, and today I finally got to see it.… Read More “Jim Wissner's Latest Semantic Web Creation Rocks”

Danny's Tips for Web 3.0 Builders

Danny Ayers has posted some good general guidelines for Web 3.0 system builders. I’ve commented on the thread on his post, so I won’t add too much more here. But it’s a good set of guidelines for the best-practices of building sites and services for Web 3.0 — the Data-Web.

Next SF Web Innovators Event – This Thursday 4/26 in SF

Please join me at the next SF Web Innovators monthly meetup, this Thursday evening in San Francisco.


April Event 2007



405 Howard Street – the Orrick Building

Here’s some photos from the last event.… Read More “Next SF Web Innovators Event – This Thursday 4/26 in SF”