A Video and an Audio Cast About Twine

Last night I saw that the video of my presentation of Twine at the Web 2.0 Summit is online. My session, "The Semantic Edge," featured Danny Hillis of Metaweb demoing Freebase, Barney Pell demoing Powerset, and myself Demoing Twine, followed by a brief panel discussion with Tim O’Reilly (in that order). It’s a good panel and I recommend the video, however, the folks at Web 2.0 only filmed the presenters; they didn’t capture what we were showing on our screens, so you have to use your imagination as we describe our demos.

An audio cast of one of my presentations about Twine to a reporter was also put online recently, for a more in-depth description.

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One Response to A Video and an Audio Cast About Twine

  1. TedC says:

    Watching the vids now. It’s great that you guys are taking the first real popular SemWeb steps.
    When do I get my Twine invite…? 🙂