Almost Unbelievably Stupid — Diebold Posts Photo of Voting Machine Key — Hackers Replicate Key From Photo

This one really takes the cake. Diebold, the makers of the infamously hackable electronic voting machines, has done it again. They posted photos for replacement keys for their voting machines on their Web site. Unfortunately the photos were high enough resolution that anyone who knows how to make keys could easily copy them. And that’s exactly what one hacker did and he documented how he did it too — using just the photo and a file he made a set of universal keys that can unlock any Diebold voting machine. DUH! So now this basically means that the security of every Diebold voting machine is potentially compromised. The only way for Diebold to fix this would be to replace all the locks in all their machines. Will they do this? Highly unlikely. More on this story here.

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