Article about the Semantic Web by Dan Farber

ZDnet’s Dan Farber, just blogged about the Semantic Web meme —

Dan says:

Back to Web 3.0. There will be one, and it has been associated at this point with concepts of the semantic Web,
derived from the primordial soup of Web technologies. It’s been a focus
of attention for Tim Berners-Lee, who cooked up much of what the
Internet is today, for a nearly a decade.

I would tend to agree, there WILL be a new generation of the Web, regardless of what we call it. And in fact, it’s already gestating as we speak.

Some may question whether Web 3.0 adds anything that useful to the mix,
beyond Web 2.0, which itself is a dubious term, but it certainly is
easier to digest than "The Semantic Web." But perhaps there is added
value in differentiating between a term like "Web 3.0" and the Semantic
Web at least. To split semantic hairs, they are not precisely
equivalent. In fact, Web 3.0 — whatever that turns out to be — will
undoubtedly also include many technologies that are NOT semantic or
part of the so-called Semantic Web. For example, I think a big piece of
Web 3.0 will be about about Web services interoperability and
discovery. In some ways we could say that Web 3.0 does for the backend
of the Web, what Web 2.0 does for the front-end. But even that probably
doesn’t capture everything that will come about in the next-era of the

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