Cell chip coming soon

Big news coming — a radical high-performance, ultra-miniaturized parallel processing chip is about to go mainstream in a variety of consumer devices, giving Intel some serious competition…

Semiconductor designers from International Business Machines,
Sony and Toshiba will reveal on Monday the inner workings of a
“supercomputer on a chip” they claim could revolutionise
communications, multimedia and consumer electronics.

The Cell microprocessor has been under development by the three companies since 2001 in a laboratory in Austin, Texas.

Its unveiling at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in
San Francisco has been eagerly awaited and products containing Cell
including Sony’s PlayStation 3 games console are expected as early as
next year.

Advance reports suggest the chip is significantly
more powerful and versatile than the next generation of
micro-processors announced by the consortium’s competitors, Intel and

The two leading chipmakers are just moving from 32-bit to
64-bit computing and to dual-core processors essentially two “brains”
on a single chip.Cell is understood to have at least four cores and be
significantly faster than Intel and AMD chips.

“This is
probably going to be one of the biggest industry announcements in many
years,” said Richard Doherty, president of the Envisioneering research
firm. “It’s going to breathe new life into the industry and trigger
fresh competition.”

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