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Hey everyone, my good friend, Richard Adams — who used to work with me at EarthWeb — has just launched his new venture RipDigital — it’s really useful, check it out.

They have put together a special robotic CD ripper system that can convert hundreds of CD’s to ultra-high-quality MP3’s at extremely high speed.

You just send them your regular music CD’s in a special box they mail to you, and they automatically clean them and convert them all to optimal MP3s.

Then they ship back your original CD’s and your new MP3 CDs.

And they are extremely fast — you can even get everything back the next day or at least the same week!

Another thing that’s cool — the MP3’s they make are better quality than the ones produced by most PC CD-rippers — they use special software to automatically convert all your music to produce much higher quality MP3’s than you can do on your own (unless you happen to have your own digital recording studio).

If you have several hundred CD’s this can save you months of effort, and get you better quality conversion too. It makes it really fast and easy to get all your existing music onto your iPod or whatever MP3 player you use.

It also preserves your music collection (you may not know this but CD’s decay over time and if you don’t digitize all your music, eventually you’re gonna lose it or have to buy the CD’s again — CD’s oxidize so you eventually have to buy them again; a dirty little secret of the music biz!).

So I finally made the switch and sent RipDigital my entire collection (almost 1000 CD’s), and they get it back to me within the week as MP3’s, nicely organized on a set of high quality discs. Wow.

Anway, I’m sending this review to you because you’re a techie and/or friend — I have no financial incentive if you choose to use it or not. I’m just trying to help Richard get the word out and help my friends who have big music collections at the same time.

So send this to your friends who have lots of CD’s and want to go digital, even if you don’t need it yourself.

And if you do choose use RipDigital — tell them you are a “friend of Nova’s” and they’ll give you priority service and take good care of you.

Hope it’s useful to you!

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3 Responses to Check out — Cool New Service Converts Your Music

  1. RipDigital

    Commercial site offering service to convert CDs to MP3 files.

  2. Bob Viener says:

    Same service, half the price:
    Based on the fedex tracking info, it looks like they did my 200 CD collection in about a day and a half. I didn’t buy from ripdigital also, so i can’t compare, but the service I received from MusicRip was a-ok by me.

  3. Nova Spivack says:

    Rip Digital did my 1000 CD collection in 1 day. They returned me a set of DVDs with everything on them, as well as my original discs, and a hard disc with all the tracks preloaded. I was very satisifed.