"Ego-Surfing" Alert: What is Wrong with Technorati?

Every time I use technorati I get different results on queries for my blog. Yesterday it said there were 512 inbound links. Today it says 90. Last week it said 88. The number of inbound blogs keeps going up and down too. And the links that are found sometimes include recently spidered items and sometimes seem to include only links that are several days old! What’s going on over there??? I mean I know they are using their new beta, but why are the results so inconsistent? It really makes me wonder whether the service is credible. With all due respects to Dave, who is a smart guy, I don’t understand why there has been no explanation of this on the technorati site.

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3 Responses to "Ego-Surfing" Alert: What is Wrong with Technorati?

  1. Taran says:

    Ahh. At least I’m not the only one who has noted these differences. I think the main problem is with the manner in which the database appears to be updated.
    I like to know who’s linking to me, but I’ve found sitemeter to be better at this – since I can see who is linking to me and giving me hits.
    Geez. Sounds like some drug or something, doesn’t it?

  2. David Sifry says:

    Nova and Taran,
    Sorry you guys have experienced problems. Are you still seeing the same issues? If so, it is just a bug in our counting code, not in the underlying database…
    One way to force a recalculation is to click on the “Rank By Blog Authority” link – if you are still seeing problems, then it is definitely a bug. Sorry about the problems, and thanks for the feedback! We’re working really hard to make the experience a great one for ya. Sorry about the cognitive dissonance…

  3. Nova Spivack says:

    Thanks Dave — no problem! I love Technorati — it’s great! Just want to get an accurate “ego-ranking” from it.