Frequent Mobile Phone Use Linked to Tumor

If you or your children use cell phones frequently, consider getting earphones…

Long-term users of mobile phones are significantly
more likely to develop a certain type of brain tumour on the side of
the head where they hold their handsets, according to new research.

large-scale study found that those who had regularly used mobiles for
longer than 10 years were almost 40 per cent more likely to develop
nervous system tumours called gliomas near to where they hold their

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3 Responses to Frequent Mobile Phone Use Linked to Tumor

  1. Let me start by saying that I’ve heard this story before, and I always wish it included more information. First, what study exactly found this, how was it measured, how many people were studied, etc. Second, what precisely seems to be the cause of the cancer? Do we know for certain that using a headset will eliminate the danger? Is Bluetooth safe? All that said, cell phones do seem to cause an awful lot of problems in general, maybe even more problems than the solutions they seem to offer. For all the convenience cells offer, they apparently cause cancer, they use up power, they are filling up landfills, and people who drive while talking on them have a bad habit of causing wrecks. My thinking has always been that, when you create a new kind of technology, you should have to find a way to eliminate the many potential problems it creates.

    If phones cause these kinds of tumors when used close to the ears, what is the risk they carry for causing tumors in general? For instance, is there a likelihood that kids who text a great deal with their phones might develop tumors in their hands? Or are we all at risk for tumors in our hips since that’s where we typically carry them when we aren’t actually using them? If not, then the specific cause must be related either to the area of use – the ear – or to how we’re using the phone itself. In other words, perhaps the problem is not the phone itself but rather the air waves it relies on in picking up phone signals. In general, it seems to me that this news raises a whole host of other issues. Then there’s the story I read recently about a Chinese cell phone that is in the shape of a cigarette pack and includes a handy storage area for your smokes. It even includes a surgeon general’s warning on the side. Now that’s truly a cancer risk from a cell phone.

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